The Logger's Daughter clothing designs are all Terry's original patterns, each crafted with a variety of fabrics, colors, texture. The fabric is pre-washed and dried for easy care and put to the best use for drape and easy fit.

Terry says:

"I have loved designing and sewing all my life. I am inspired by the juxtaposition of colors and textures and the miracle of simultaneous contrast. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are moments when I watched my grandmother pick combinations of fabrics for rag rugs and pieced quilts.

In some garments the fabric dictates the design, other times the piece is arranged around a perfect button or trim. I love unexpected details, tactile elements like glass beads and textured buttons added to a jacket."


Terry Logan's buttons are fired at nearly 2,000 degrees in her own kiln. The high fire makes them both hand and machine washable. The buttons compliment the fabrics and colors of the clothing designs.

Terry says:

"Each time I create a new button design I hand carve an earthenware stamp. A button for an individual or a company may be "retired" when the commission is complete. Buttons often have multiple glazes, each hand painted, loaded onto the kiln shelves, then fired. I wish I could share the excitement and anticipation as I open the kiln door, after 24 hours of firing and cooling, to the feel of still-warm buttons in my hands."


Terry Logan's Art Masks are made in small groups, usually 4 or 5 in a series. The masks do not reveal their complete expression until the final firing when the glaze accentuates the features. They are created in a variety of sizes, from a few inches to larger-than-life.

Terry says:

"I am fascinated by the intrigue surrounding masks. Mask-making is an ancient art form, crossing cultural and geographical lines. Historically masks have been part of celebrations, ceremonies and decoration. Personally, I do not assign any hidden meaning, leaving that to the new art mask owner."

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